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Asphalt Manufacturing Internship or Co-Op
Barrett Paving Materials' New York Central Region is currently seeking candidates who are interested in a summer internship or co-op in the heavy highway/asphalt manufacturing industry. Ideal candidates will be between their Junior and Senior year of college or in their last year of a related trade or technical school. The program is 10 weeks long, and 40 hours per week from the months of June through August.
With an increasing demand for qualified workers in all industries, it is important that our company does our part to attract the highest caliber of candidates from universities. While students at these universities receive classroom training and possibly even laboratory training in Hot Mix Asphalt Technology, there is a great deal of knowledge and experience that cannot be taught in the classroom. Cooperative education and internship programs in the HMA Industry are an effective way to educate future employees of the HMA Industry and hopefully attract other students that may not have considered a career in HMA- an industry engineering professors often forget about.
Successful candidates will go through our comprehensive ten week rotational program, catching a glimpse all of the aspects of the HMA Manufacturing business. Internships here at Barrett will help to validate a student's career choices, one way or the other, which is very important in helping one to choose the best career direction for themselves. A positive experience here at Barrett will encourage students to continue their education and hopefully enter the HMA Industry. Whether they go on to be employed by contractors, agencies, consultants or companies, an increased level of HMA knowledge in today's youth will ultimately benefit the industry as a whole. That being said, the overall goal of the program is to recruit the best of the best students each year with the hope of retaining them for full-time positions with Barrett.
Through the ten week program, we seek to create a remarkable and unparalleled learning experience for students, so that they will continue to think enthusiastically about the HMA industry. Each summer, we strive to ensure that students experience the benefits of working for a construction company that sees the value in its employees and safety over all else, and where they can gain valuable hands-on experience, working directly with the Plants Manager, Site Superintendents, Shop Manager, Heavy Diesel Mechanics and Heavy Equipment & Plant Operators.
Barrett Paving Materials, a subsidiary of Barrett Industries Corporation, is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Women and minorities are always encouraged to apply.

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